Tuesday, December 08, 2009


We're getting tired over here. The end of the year is rapidly approaching and all our little family are ready for a break from the routine. We've had discussions about what being a family means, how we can all help each other to get through our days with as little aggravation as possible. I do my best to remain patient, calm and understanding, but I don't always succeed. I have been reading Krista's blog again of late, wishing I had the inner strength she appears to, for I just can't always control my frustrations and it's not always pretty.

So with that in mind the weather is matching my mood today. The heavens have opened up and not let up for a moment. I've had my cardigan in the drier for two school and one train station run today, add to that my gym gear for that trip too/

In the midst all the heightened emotion around here, I received something that lifted my spirits and brightened my day no end. A dear reader, Helen, responded to this post of mine some time ago and shared some very reassuring thoughts with me. Today a package arrived from her with some beautifully wrapped parcels within. The book she thought would help me in my parental travels, together with little parcels for each of my girls and a wonderful little girl for us all to share. It made me feel understood, supported and embraced, by someone I've never met. I was telling my mum about it, the absolute kindness of strangers in this blog world and I likened it to my sense of old fashioned community. Taking the time to listen to others, to share your experiences and to support them when you feel you can, sharing extra things you have too much of or no longer need, it's truly remarkable. So Helen, thank you for your kindness and I look forward to reciprocating as and when, in kind.


Jasmine said...

Thanks for that link to Krista Victoria. I'll be adding her to my bloglines straight away. 'This Inspired Life' indeed!

Sandy said...

That's such a lovely gesture. I am curious about the book. What's the title? Another good book is "Raising your spirited child" by Mary Sheedy Kurchinka. P.S. Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to Krista..amazing.
I'm feeling the same way, end of year, busy busy. But everyone needs to slow down. Great pics!

two little buttons said...

thanks for the link to kristas blog , i've just spent ages looking at it. you are so true that this blog land is like a community, its amazing. i hope you get through the next few weeks, mt two are allso tired and emotional and we all hit the wall last week, so my heart goes out to you .