Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spilt milk

I remember loving straws as a child. Drinking even a glass of water seemed more interesting through a straw.

This morning Leila was drinking her milk, through a straw, and discovered this old trick. What a laugh we had and the spilt milk was wiped up in a jiffy.

Spilt milk

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Movie Night

We went old school this week. Does anyone still eat fish and chips from the paper? Whenever we've had them they seem to be in boxes inside paper bags, which is just not the same. I can clearly recall walking home from the Ormond shops with my mum during school holidays, we'd buy some chips and then tear a hole at one end and fish them out. I remember they used to stick to the paper they'd put inside, yum, the thought of that right now is really appealing after salad for lunch!
Thanks for your positive vibes following my last post. I didn't write again after we reassembled our cot and change table for Eastern Relief to collect. There were certainly tears then, stroking furniture remembering the wee babes who'd laid on those two pieces. Real tears! But, I resisted that urge. Tonight is the kinder AGM and enrolment preferences for next year for Leila babe. Time is flying.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These days ....

Ella is six now and becoming a young lady, something that's surprised me as six still seems to me a little girl age. She's still very much our girl, but I'm aware that the time where we, the family, are still the most important people in her world, well those days are numbered. Friends, peers, their influence, or their importance is becoming more noticeable.

That awareness of change in turn makes me look to Leila, who, although 3 years behind her big sister, is turning 3 at the start of next year. She will start kinder two days a week and I'm aware that my days as a mum of young children, well they won't last forever.

Walks to school where one is walking beside you, wanting to hold your hand most of the time, except when they're balancing on stone walls. Walks take a long time because you have to stop to pick overhanging flowers at every other house. On the way home from school a dear friend joins and we stop to read in the park and eat our afternoon tea. My company is a part of all these expeditions, I'm a part of it, and I'm aware that won't always be the case. I'll always be loved, I hope, but I won't always be needed as I am right now.

For some this means time to start thinking - perhaps we should have one more baby ..... but that won't be the case for us. I'm turning 40 in a few weeks and although loving a third child is an absolute given (we know now we do good work), for me, for us, that's too old to be starting that process all over again. That doesn't mean I don't feel a little sad for the loss of that time of my life, of the pregnancy, the anticipation, the falling in love all over - but the hard work and strains on our time, I know my limitations.

So, instead, I'll try to remember these moments, hold on to them tightly and love them while they are still mine to share.

Favourite Things

Some call them French lentils, I call them Puy lentils, this packet were marked as Green lentils. Whatever they're called, as long as they are this lovely mottled blue green, they're the ones. Always look for long dates - fresh is very important with pulses. I cover them well with stock, whatever I have to hand, then bring to the boil and simmer until cooked but still with bite, how long depends on the freshness but if fresh, around 15 minutes.

I usually dress with a garlicky vinegarette, lots of herbs and eat at room temperature with something, if they survive long enough!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Glazed and Fired

I finally collected the pieces I made during my pottery class. I was quite anxious that I'd have something worth keeping as the tutor had emailed us all saying "It seems the firing was a bit of a hit and miss. Some things were underfired-it may have only been 10c under but it makes a difference or it could have been in a cooler part of the kiln." I finished and glazed 11 pieces and had images of all of them being duds. I was pleasantly surprised.

It's such a satisfying process. From the initial throwing of the clay and seeing the new piece. Then leaving it to air dry that changes the look again. You fire it the first time and the weight and sizing changes so you see it anew. Finally you glaze it and it seems to cover so many inperfections. I'm definitely signing up again next year.

By Hand

A few months ago now I finished some quilted scarves for the girls and bought some material for myself. I patched the scarf together quickly, but the quilting took longer. I hand quilted and started with a scallop shell pattern but it looked too fussy. I procrastinate about pulling back, so that part stalled the process for a while. I then elected something very simple and I really like how this part of it has turned out. Now the binding. I've done very poor corners on the quilts I've made for the girls and that's despite looking at a tutorial online. I'll try again and see if I can't get it right this time. Any tips though, for super neat corners, warmly welcomed.

Spring Days

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post party blues

Over for another year, which is causing a bit of the blues, but it was declared the best party yet. They all seemed to have fun, they're such a lovely group in her class, and a pool party was a great idea. Leila is now planning her party (her first at 3 years - terrible mother of a second child) in earnest. It's not until January.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Two peas

Everyone has always said that Ella and I look alike. Today my parents emailed me a picture of me, at 6. What do you think?

It happened at 20:45

on the 9th of October, 2003. For years my mum always used to say, oh at 1:13 on this date 12, 20, 28, 32 years ago...... I used to dismiss her with a roll of the eyes, but now I know that the birthday of a child is also a celebration for the mother. It's not just because you have that gorgeous babe in your life, but a remembrance of their arrival and all that time meant.

Ella has the kindest heart and nature of anyone I've ever met, and that includes the adults. She is generous and thoughtful, I find her so beautiful and she grows only more so each year. So loving with her family, especially with her sister who I know challenges her patience daily. Starting school has show her even more of her personality, so eager to learn, patient with her friends, respectful towards her teachers.
Today begins the festival that is Ella's birthday weekend. Happy 6th Birthday darling.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


One of the gorgeous younger ladies in our house is celebrating a birthday on Friday, a 6th birthday. Preparations began today for her party on Saturday. This year I'm outsourcing to the local swimming pool, but you cannot forget lolly bags, in this case lolly boxes. There's enough confectionary in this house to rot at least 4 sets of teeth - but hey, it's a party, it would be like us going out to a birthday celebration and drinking water, or perhaps I'm just speaking for myself!

Almost Guilt Free

I am not a chocolate cake person, I may have mentioned that before. I always go for the fruity dessert or the light cake option. I love a good sponge. I know many people who ooooh and ahhhhh over me making sponges, thinking it some magical undertaking. I don't feel too guilty about a generous slice of sponge, assuming of course that the cream is no more than 2" deep! and I've passed this appreciation on to my girls. This is a 2 egg sponge - 2 eggs, 2 once of sugar, 2 once of flour and voila - how easy could it be.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Two more faves

but they warrant a post of their own.

A holiday in snapshot

Adelaide, Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale, Kangaroo Island and home again. A gorgeous state with so much to offer. Over too quick.