Tuesday, October 06, 2009


One of the gorgeous younger ladies in our house is celebrating a birthday on Friday, a 6th birthday. Preparations began today for her party on Saturday. This year I'm outsourcing to the local swimming pool, but you cannot forget lolly bags, in this case lolly boxes. There's enough confectionary in this house to rot at least 4 sets of teeth - but hey, it's a party, it would be like us going out to a birthday celebration and drinking water, or perhaps I'm just speaking for myself!


Kiki said...


I love all of those lollies. I've just realised I don't eat enough lollies, sure I consume tonnes (don't you go thinking I'm exaggerating) of chocolate per year but the sugary sweets shown here miss out. I will now invite them into my home ;)

PS: I can remember this time last year, now that has gone very fast.

Jasmine said...

Yum! It's birthday central around here too but you are much more organized with the kiddy loot.

Have you seen Poppalina's lolly photos? A visual feast!

Kym said...

Have a great day tomorrow! Six sounds so very big.

Sandy said...

Yes, have a great day! Happy Birthday, Ella!