Monday, October 29, 2012


Another lovely sojourn at the house we visited during the early summer, just before school started this year.  We just manage to switch off here, it's everything I imagine owning your own holiday house would be, but without the need to clean gutters and arrange for septic tanks to be emptied.

These snaps were captured by Leila at Venus Bay, not sure what was entertaining us so much, but clearly it hit my funny spot.  I rarely like photos of myself, but I can now look at them and say that clearly, that's me, so what the heck.

See you again in January Rusty Gate.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I didn't realise today would be so eventful, or at least so memorable, for me.  We met at kinder and took a walk to the school that will steal away my babe next year.  I jest, a little, at the steal part, but next year she starts a new journey. It's silly but to even mention makes my heart ache and the tears well up.  Our journey wasn't always easy, mine and leilas, which is perhaps why it means so much to me, but also because I guess my life will begin a new chapter as a mum without children at home.

We walked together and once at school divided into three smaller groups and rotated through the three class rooms, joining the preps and meeting the teachers.  Leila recognised some faces in one of the classes but not really in the other two. But she held her own.  She didn't look small, she looked young, but my babe looked like she belonged.

In the final class they went outside skipping with ropes, something leila has not done before.  She found it hard to get the hang of it, until a prep girl sweetly asked "would you like me to show you how?" And she silently nodded yes please.

Finding her way in the world makes me proud, but sad.  As parents we raise our children up and try to make them confident enough to face the world with enthusiasm and without fear.  At times I wondered if she would get there and that process meant that I had her to hold on my lap for a year longer than I expected,but even that time is drawing to a close.  She has been such a constant companion to me, an incredibly generous and loving child and right now I can't imagine how I will survive my days without her.  I know the idea is that parents are jumping up and down with enthusiasm for all the me time they have when school starts, but right now all I can see is how terribly lonely it will be without her.

Perhaps because I struggled in the early days and again in her 3rd year, there were times when I wished myself ahead to a different time.  There were times when I forgot to breathe it in, to enjoy those precious moments because I lost sight of the whole picture and focussed only on the challenge.  It's a cliche, but it is so because it's true - time goes so fast, we really need to remember to drink it all in and enjoy it, while we can.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Your perfume reminds me of my honeymoon.  You remind me of being in my 20's, walking the streets of Seville where the perfume is almost, almost too strong to be delicious.

I remember sitting at an outdoor cafe along the Guadaliquivir River drinking beer.  You've reminded me to go into the loft and begin scanning some of those precious images from before digital cameras.


Today I dropped off this baby to the quilter.  I will have to look back to see when I started this top, but the inspiration was a pillow in a similar pattern completed for Lena's 40th and that's over 2 years ago.

I should be able to collect by the end of the year and can't wait to see how it turns out.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Leila's first excursion, a big day and a fun day.  A few hours out at one of Melbourne Eastern institutions.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


A low key 9th party this year, five friends plus the girls at our local bowling alley with "ice cream sundae" cupcakes.  Such a nice group of girls Ella's in with this year, all so at ease with each other, such even tempered level girls, which hasn't always been her experience in the past.

My turn next!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


More borrowed treasures.  A single lilac bloom for myself and a little bowl of tiny buds for the youngest.  Sweet perfume and perfect petals.

Friday, October 12, 2012


A moment of indulgence in another otherwise routine day.

My mum's scones, made by me.  I like that some things, recipes, foodstuffs are simply mums.  It's true worldwide, that some foods are forever associated with one's mother.  We never ate a lot of scones, it wasn't as if they were a go to treat, but most food stuffs in my life - particularly those related to anything pastry like - are mums.

Apparently the triangular scones mimic the original style of the recipe, the cut round ones coming along later. I don't do round scones, not when I bake them myself, as then they wouldn't be mums.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Childrens meal in our house, circa 2012.  Jonathons chippolatas, vegies (roast potatoes on the side) with homemade tomato sauce.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A rainbow of balloons greeted her after school and the cake was as requested, chocolate, chocolate and little more to decorate.

This is the first year Ella's had to go to school on her birthday, it's just worked out this way.  She was anxious as it wouldn't be the same if she had to go to school.  Last night, when her dinner was over and it was time for bed, there were a few tears.  The birthday was so good she didn't want it to end.

My friends were so nice to me at school, nicer than normal.  You and dad spoiled me, my family made time to be with me and everyone spent so much money buying me special things, I just feel wonderful and I wish it never had to end.

9th birthday declared a success xxxx

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I know all parents think their children beautiful, but my gosh there are times when I look at you and I wonder how I managed to be half of creating some so utterly gorgeous.

You are a calm child, quietly confident, but prone to moments of absolute lunacy!  For all your crazy accents, funny dances and dramatic moments, you counter them with such quiet and stillness that I wonder what goes on behind that pooled brown eyes.

The two sides of you are captured perfectly in these photos.  The first, my beautiful girl, just woken; the next your funny side, wearing your longed for clear glasses.

You are cool, clever, loving, smart, hilarious and all, all mine.  Happy 9th Birthday xxxxx

Thursday, October 04, 2012


A perfect day.  Easy walk in for us, good effort from the girls.  Gorgeous scenery, laughs, my idea of a perfect day.  What is it about sitting staring at the ocean that is so utterly energising.  Add this place to your list, an hour from Melbourne, part of Where the Wild Things Go was filmed here, 5.5km round trip walking, perfection.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


 Watching Ella drawing this afternoon took me back to a similar time in my life.  I remember distinctly drawing with my face only cm's away from the paper, the pencil pretty much resting against my cheek. There was something about drawing really close to the paper that made it so all absorbing, so close, so everything at that moment.

Top to bottom:  My mum by Leila, Leila by Ella, Ella by Leila


Me, in the early 70's, with my Holly Hobbit doll, made lovingly by mum.  Yesterday's post got me walking down Memory Lane and it led me from the memory above, to buying this.  The plan is that the girls will each receive one in their Christmas stockings, perhaps one for my great niece as well.  From where I stand there is something thrilling about sharing the memories across the decades.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


My mother stitched these two Holly Hobbie needlepoints for me when I was.... young, over three decades ago.  They hung in my room for many years and then, when I was too grown up for such things, they waited, lurking, in a dark corner of my parents home for a time when a little girl may appear again, interested in such things.

The two pictures have hung together in Ella's room for the past number of years, but recently Ella and Leila had a negotiation which resulted in them having one each in their rooms, with the very clear proviso made by Ella that it's "just for a month".

I'm glad these survived so well.  Mothers know how much these things mean as the years pass, but the young often don't, so as mothers we need to protect and cherish these items for a time when our own young come around to truly appreciating their worth.  I guess there will be a time when I will have to secret these away and perhaps one day my own grandchildren will remember my mother, my childhood and that of their own mothers, through these lovingly stitched works.

Coincidentally I noticed Kate has one of the same on her own wall, I wonder if her own mum stitched it for her?