Sunday, June 22, 2014


My darling Dad's 70th birthday celebrated with family this weekend.  There were pictures on display from the whole of his life, from him as a small boy, through the 60's and 70's with much longer very dark curly hair, to now.  I don't think either of my parents change much, they don't look any older/different to me, just themselves, but I concede that they have changed, although I feel only for the better.

We gather with my side of the family only a few times a year.  My eldest brother lives in the NE, as does one of his daughters and her family - the gorgeous mother of the two youngest in these shots, my great niece Aurelia and my great nephew newly arrived, Dristan.

It's lovely to get together, maybe because we don't do it so often it feels a real treat.  So lovely to see our girls with the chance to take care of little ones, something they both enjoy so very much.  Time seems to have gone so fast, I love where we are in our lives with our children but it so amazes me how quickly we seemed to leave that phase and get to this one, with children approaching young women.  I can only imagine how my parents must feel to have three generations in front of them!  I don't know that either of my parents expected to be a great anything, but we all are!

Happy Birthday Dad, it was a wonderful celebration of a wonderful man.


A long absence I know.  Some declare that they're giving up their blogs, having mistreated and neglected them for so long.  I can't give mine away though, not completely, even if my habits suggest otherwise.  This space has meant so much to me, I should put more time into it, as much to prompt myself to keep taking photos of our gorgeous girls.

A weekend to Bendigo over the Queen's Birthday, a short trip, but such fun.  The girls outside the Chinese Museum, us in a doorway and my favourite Charles Blackman painting, so beautiful.