Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love seeing where others work on their crafting activities, but I never show my own. We don't have a big house, my crafting is done on the fly. It moves from the dining table to a basket beside my bed, to our very narrow computer table - it doesn't make for pretty pictures.

I'm publishing this photo though to share my new found respect for those of you who make and share patterns regularly - it's not easy is it?! It's not the idea that's the problem, it's the reworking of the one idea until it's just right.
I was really taken with the puppies I made earlier this month from an Allsorts pattern. It got me wanting to make some other animals in the same style - hence the pattern making. I know what's wrong, but onto version 3 I'm still perfecting. I'll give it another shot today, trying to get it just right with the cheap stuff before cutting into the loveliness of the Winterwood felt that arrived this week. I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jamie, for the second issue of your mag, kindly brought to my attention by Kikimiss. This edition showed subscription prices adjusted to AUD and they're far less daunting than the Sterling ones in the first issue - we'll be signing up.

I particularly liked the article on Hotel du Midi, which was Elizabeth David's favourite restaurant, written about firstly in a piece she had published in Vogue, but which also went into her book, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine. I read this book years ago, but the Jamie mag reminded me of it and that it was perhaps time to re-read.

Geoff and I had a week's cycling holiday through the Dordogne region in France, around 2000, and it was one of our best memories of Europe. We cycled around 50kms a day, from one lovely regional hotel to the next. We ate and drank like kings (and queens) but the fact we were cycling, canoeing and swimming every day made us feel very worthy and as if the spoils had been truly earnt.
I've never made a secret of the fact that I'm a dreamer and that I love the time I spend alone inside my head. There aren't that many people who I feel really understand how I feel about things, and in turn I find it hard to understand how others cannot feel as I do. I guess I fantastise a lot, I reminisce a lot too. I have a lot of dreams and I combine them with my real memories, such as that cycling holiday in France, and come up with moving the family there to live in the countryside for a couple of years. My dear husband is a different person to me (thank god) and I guess he keeps me grounded, or keeps me down, depending on how I feel about it on the day. If we were the same type of personality I doubt we would have stayed anywhere or stuck at any one thing for more than a couple of years at a time. Being able to re-read gorgeous books such as these, the memories they revive and the new dreams they inspire, how can you ever put a price on the ongoing pleasures that a good book can give.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

No photos

which is both a blessing and a curse when raising the two topics that are on my mind today.

As a teenager I was fortunate enough not to get many spots at all, in fact I can remember the most significant one that appeared in the middle of my nose on the night of my senior school dance. So I have been lucky never to have been cursed with lots of spots at any time, but when I get one I get a good one. Can you believe (firstly that I'm actually sharing this!) that today my top lip was actually swollen as if I'd been punched because I woke up with a spot that big between my top lip and nose. I kid you not! It is not really visible (aside from the swelling) but it is so sore and I honestly have no idea how it happened. Gross I know, but how does whatever's in there get in there? I considered a day off today, but instead opted for pointing out my condition to everyone I met before they had the chance to see and ignore, I find that so much worse. So, for this I'm glad for the lack of photographic record.

Secondly - did anyone catch Spicks and Specks last night? The gorgeous Pete Murray was on and I swear (Karen are you listening?) I almost hyperventilated at the end when he took his shirt off and all I saw were his shoulders, what shoulders!!!!! So, is anyone has any photographic evidence of this lovely, unexpected treat, please share.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Woof Woof

Two little pups, one in flannel/cotton the other felt/cotton for babes of friends. Such fun to make, easy and I think very effective. I'm inspired and although this pattern is only for one's own use, it's inspired me to develop my own patterns for other little critters. I'll share the results when they've been perfected.


I am 100% sure that Geoff will be less than impressed that I've shared these photos - morning faces and all. I don't mind sharing such images of myself - does that say that I should have more pride in my appearance, or perhaps that I can find beauty in all things?!

This is what our weekend mornings look like. These are the moments that I'm so aware I will miss the most when they eventually end. This, for me, is what being a family is about.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Bought over the weekend at the Mud Factory in Healesville. The potter is lovely and the cup equally so. My morning coffees have already brought me extra pleasure when drunk from this beauty. Potting is always something I've wanted to do, but put off. I think 2009 might be the year.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Thank you all for your interested posts about the mag. I haven't tackled any of the patterns yet, I was put off my sewing for a couple of days after fussing for ages to fit a yoke onto a shirt I'm making, wondering why this one just wouldn't fit, finally adjusting to make it fit and then attaching the facing only to realise I'd put it on upside down. That kind of unpicking tends to kill my enthusiasm a little.

So, with a sophisticated random selector (a small child named Leila using the equipment pictured above) the winner is Leslie. Drop me a line with your address missy and I'll stick it in the post tomorrow.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Connections are starting to be made; golden words are being recognised and today our first reader came home. The milestones of learning have never been as measurable as they are with reading, you can almost hear her little mind working the letters around and around. So proud.


It's hardly form fitting, perhaps some may even call it a little frumpy, but me, I call it cool (as in not hot) and comfy. Not a difficult pattern at all and the sort of thing I'm happy to pull on any day. Butterick pattern 5219.

I have another cut out but need to start trying to fit garments when sewing rather than just sewing and hoping it fits. This one could do with about 1cm off the top shoulder seams so it sits flatter, but the idea of undoing facings and adjusting is beyond me. I will try, however, with the next one to fit as I go.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


"I have seen days when your smile goes on forever, you light up the room, in the deepest darkest weather"

Pete Murray, Smile