Thursday, March 19, 2009

No photos

which is both a blessing and a curse when raising the two topics that are on my mind today.

As a teenager I was fortunate enough not to get many spots at all, in fact I can remember the most significant one that appeared in the middle of my nose on the night of my senior school dance. So I have been lucky never to have been cursed with lots of spots at any time, but when I get one I get a good one. Can you believe (firstly that I'm actually sharing this!) that today my top lip was actually swollen as if I'd been punched because I woke up with a spot that big between my top lip and nose. I kid you not! It is not really visible (aside from the swelling) but it is so sore and I honestly have no idea how it happened. Gross I know, but how does whatever's in there get in there? I considered a day off today, but instead opted for pointing out my condition to everyone I met before they had the chance to see and ignore, I find that so much worse. So, for this I'm glad for the lack of photographic record.

Secondly - did anyone catch Spicks and Specks last night? The gorgeous Pete Murray was on and I swear (Karen are you listening?) I almost hyperventilated at the end when he took his shirt off and all I saw were his shoulders, what shoulders!!!!! So, is anyone has any photographic evidence of this lovely, unexpected treat, please share.

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Christelle said...

I did not see those famous shoulders of course but I'm glad you mentionned that singer. Apart from Killy Minogue and INXS (!), I don't know any australian performer.