Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love seeing where others work on their crafting activities, but I never show my own. We don't have a big house, my crafting is done on the fly. It moves from the dining table to a basket beside my bed, to our very narrow computer table - it doesn't make for pretty pictures.

I'm publishing this photo though to share my new found respect for those of you who make and share patterns regularly - it's not easy is it?! It's not the idea that's the problem, it's the reworking of the one idea until it's just right.
I was really taken with the puppies I made earlier this month from an Allsorts pattern. It got me wanting to make some other animals in the same style - hence the pattern making. I know what's wrong, but onto version 3 I'm still perfecting. I'll give it another shot today, trying to get it just right with the cheap stuff before cutting into the loveliness of the Winterwood felt that arrived this week. I'll let you know how it goes.


Kym said...

I find the hardest part to be getting the faces right. The prototypes bodies are usually not exactly as I'd like them, but still usable. But then I get to the face and have to redo it about three times before I'm happy!

FruteJuce said...

Your creative space sounds very much like my own. Go take a look, I get shoved out of the way often!

Anonymous said...

I now have a small space to call my own, and I can't even get in the door!! It has ironing piled up to the ceiling - a sure way to kill any creative urge is to walk in and see that! So invariably I end up taking over other spaces in our house. I often like a bit of tv, a few people around and feeling like I'm part of it rather than being tucked away in my room. I think it'll be a good storage space, and that's what I'd recommend to you V, take over a few shelves and dedicate them to craft. the 6 bottle wine box makes for some fab storage! I also used half of our walk-in-robe at our old house. You just have to make do, and when you read about people who've done something amazing (design/art etc) it's always been from the most impossible spaces - so you've got that base covered:)

Angie said...

a photo of the prototypes in order would be good....they look pretty cute from what I can see of them!