Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I can assure you that this isn't the only sunny spot in our house, but clearly it's the best one.


For a while earlier this year Wednesday was mummy and leila day. Life then got in the way of remembering to have fun, but we're getting back on the right track.

Back to Jets gym today and much more confident than last time. The pit of foam (we call it the cheese pit) was avoided last time - too scary. This time, well you can see that she literally threw herself into it. Now she wants to have lessons. So far Leila hasn't really wanted to do any arranged activities and those we've tried (Mini Maestros and swimming lessons) have failed. A bit of time has passed now and it's Leila-led, so I think shortly we'll see what she wants to dip her toes into first.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I've been a mother for almost 8 years and only today did I make my first batch of homemade playdough. Palest of pinks with glitter. A small one who is concentrating oh so hard.

Just of late she seems to need more, more than I can give at home just the two of us. Life always seems so busy, but I'm going to have to schedule more to inspire and occupy her gorgeous little mind.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Geoff back safe and sound, a family weekend gone all too quickly including a 5 hour lunch with new friends which passed in the blink of an eye. Add to that some delicious oven baked doughnuts, this time some with hot jam, my goodness, what more can one wish for? I hope yours was equally lovely.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I really want to share this with you, and although I'm not a techy, the lovely Jo has come to my rescue. I also can't get some blogger functions to work right now, so I've posted the link below.

Get yourself a cup of something warm and have a look.


PS -


Ella is a prolific drawer, always has been. Over the years it's been a delight watching how her style has evolved. As with all children a figure starts out as a very rough circle, sometimes with limbs, sometimes not. From there they move along a little, getting real features and perhaps even hair. Ella's developed way beyond that and now has different styles on the go at any one time. I so hope she holds on to the love of and talent for drawing that she does. Of course most parents aren't completely unbiased in the hopes that hold for their children's futures. Some may wish for doctors or lawyers, I hope for a happy artistic child.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


A busy weekend and another set of holidays ends.

This weekend saw us celebrating two 40th birthdays with old friends. The first, last night, in a bar in Abbotsford. The birthday girl announced to everyone "thanks for coming and to those of you who brought presents you shouldn't have. Some of you will know we're just back from a week in Bali and also wanted to mention that we got married. Thanks." The said couple are a very different but good match, have been together for perhaps 10 years I guess and have a young daughter just over one.

Today saw us at the Tut exhibition, which was wonderful, all four of us thought so. This afternoon saw us at another 40th, a friend firstly of Geoff's for about 24 years, mine for about 17 years. A big family gathering, a very amusing speech from his wife, a lovely afternoon.

Now my love is on a plane and will be away from us for a week. I know it's something some of you are very used to, but not us, we little chicks really do like to stick together and find ourselves all muddled when we're not.

This week, back to school, managing without our anchor, me busy with kinder enrolment activities, speaking to the bank about a house we may want to buy in a couple of weeks (eeeck!) lots of stuff going on. First challenge, figuring out how the alarm works, a task I never have to take care of!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


A lot of fun I have to say. I LOVE bowling, although this is only the second time in probably the last 20 years! This and rollerskating, which we did last holidays, honestly I have thoughts of joining a bowling league and training for the roller derby!

Saturday, July 09, 2011


We had a family lunch at my parents's again today, a chance for us all to get together once more.

The drive was far too much for Mike, we should all have realised that. 3.5 hours each way, for a lunch, is too much for a well person, but it's done now.

Two weeks have passed since we saw him last. He's lost weight, he's very tired, he's clearly in some discomfort. We'll plan to go up again soon, rent a house and stay for a few days. I'll look into it now.

Monday, July 04, 2011


A very lazy weekend ahead of a few very busy ones. Walks around our neighbourhood on a treasure hunt, baking anzacs (which I'm informed aren't as good as Pa's, but still good), pizza night and early to bed.

School holidays - hooray! I do love the pace of holidays, although there never seems enough time to squeeze everything in. By the time you remove 2 working days for me each week, it's only 6 days of holidays. We're going to try and cram in haircuts, perhaps lunch with daddy, breakfast at Heide, movies to see Kung Fu Panda II and a play date with friends. Next week a sleepover at nan and pas, visiting the Archibald works at Tarra Warra and another play date. Ahhh and that's it - with two 40ths, a dinner out with friends and a family lunch squeezed in for good measure. I'm exhausted already.

The other good thing about these holidays is that it means it's only one more term before we head off on our first overseas adventure together. Now that's something to get excited about!