Wednesday, July 27, 2011


For a while earlier this year Wednesday was mummy and leila day. Life then got in the way of remembering to have fun, but we're getting back on the right track.

Back to Jets gym today and much more confident than last time. The pit of foam (we call it the cheese pit) was avoided last time - too scary. This time, well you can see that she literally threw herself into it. Now she wants to have lessons. So far Leila hasn't really wanted to do any arranged activities and those we've tried (Mini Maestros and swimming lessons) have failed. A bit of time has passed now and it's Leila-led, so I think shortly we'll see what she wants to dip her toes into first.


Anonymous said...

hi victoria,
we have been to jets in eltham several times now and a couple of weeks ago my eldest daughter(4yr)decided she would like "to learn to do REAL gymnastics"!
so after looking around at many different gymnastics schools etc... we decided on "little big gym"at the balwyn leisure centre.
my daughter's kinder teacher also coaches teenage girls in gymnastics and had advised me that it can be so good for children to build on their general confidence...
it seems to me that each time we go to gym now, her body confidence seems to flow over into her emotional confidence as she can be naturally a more reserved child.
best of luck with leila exploring the fun of gymnastics too!

Sandy said...

chloe jumps into a foam pit every wednesday. she loves it! good for leila!