Sunday, July 17, 2011


A busy weekend and another set of holidays ends.

This weekend saw us celebrating two 40th birthdays with old friends. The first, last night, in a bar in Abbotsford. The birthday girl announced to everyone "thanks for coming and to those of you who brought presents you shouldn't have. Some of you will know we're just back from a week in Bali and also wanted to mention that we got married. Thanks." The said couple are a very different but good match, have been together for perhaps 10 years I guess and have a young daughter just over one.

Today saw us at the Tut exhibition, which was wonderful, all four of us thought so. This afternoon saw us at another 40th, a friend firstly of Geoff's for about 24 years, mine for about 17 years. A big family gathering, a very amusing speech from his wife, a lovely afternoon.

Now my love is on a plane and will be away from us for a week. I know it's something some of you are very used to, but not us, we little chicks really do like to stick together and find ourselves all muddled when we're not.

This week, back to school, managing without our anchor, me busy with kinder enrolment activities, speaking to the bank about a house we may want to buy in a couple of weeks (eeeck!) lots of stuff going on. First challenge, figuring out how the alarm works, a task I never have to take care of!


Sarah said...

You can do it Vic.

What a great way to spend the weekend : o )

Sandy said...

Best wishes on the house (!!) and you and the girls will survive the week without Geoff. It'll be hard, but you'll find the week just zips on by. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend of celebrating!

visiteur said...

So many things going on right now, this is great and exciting!