Thursday, November 06, 2014


In Warburton there is a deserted building adjacent to, and I believe part of, the Signs Publishing House.  We've driven past the site a number of times and on each occasion it's filled me with a sense of not so much forboding, but given me a feeling of weight, of mystery I guess and if time is frozen in that space.

On this trip we stopped and I jumped the fence and took a few photos.  I love the architecture, I find it utterly appealing.  These may appear tenuous references but for me it reminds me of the supermarket scenes in Fantastic Mr Fox and also for the large scale works, particularly in supermarkets, of Andreas Gursky.

The contrast of the classic 70's bricks with the blue metal framed windows, the clock that stopped, everything about it is utterly bewitching.  I love that it's there, but it's empty, suspended.


Cup Day meant a drive into Warburton and walking the O'Shannassy Aqueduct Trail.  Whilst it was a lovely outing, feel it's a walk better suited to bikes as the scenery a little monotonous for walkers. There were some very intriguing routes up the hillside, but with the wet weather we weren't dressed to deal with deep very squelchy mud.

A gorgeous part of Melbourne.