Monday, February 24, 2014


Geez, I'm really a stranger around these parts.  Life is good just, I don't know, I'm busy living and finding less time to talk about it.

I did want to share some photos from our trip to White Night on the weekend.  I wouldn't describe the night as a complete success, the crowds were, at times, utterly overwhelming.  The crush at the corner of Flinders and St Kilda Road actually frightening, like mosh pit days of old, I kid you not.  Getting on the train home with similarly challenging, but the lights we saw were amazing.  I think I had thought the majority of the city would be lit, which was not the case, but certainly around Fed Square and the river were quite something.

We started with dinner out, the Old Melbourne Gaol for Purple Rain had a long wait, then we headed past the library (but didn't go in as the queue was too long to wait another hour), into the sea that was Swanston Street and to Chapter House and down to the river.

The faces in the trees were what we were most looking forward to seeing but I just could not capture them very well.  Holding your breath whilst depressing your camera button does not take the place of a tripod!

If you kind of screw up your face you'll see them a little better.