Saturday, March 21, 2009


Jamie, for the second issue of your mag, kindly brought to my attention by Kikimiss. This edition showed subscription prices adjusted to AUD and they're far less daunting than the Sterling ones in the first issue - we'll be signing up.

I particularly liked the article on Hotel du Midi, which was Elizabeth David's favourite restaurant, written about firstly in a piece she had published in Vogue, but which also went into her book, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine. I read this book years ago, but the Jamie mag reminded me of it and that it was perhaps time to re-read.

Geoff and I had a week's cycling holiday through the Dordogne region in France, around 2000, and it was one of our best memories of Europe. We cycled around 50kms a day, from one lovely regional hotel to the next. We ate and drank like kings (and queens) but the fact we were cycling, canoeing and swimming every day made us feel very worthy and as if the spoils had been truly earnt.
I've never made a secret of the fact that I'm a dreamer and that I love the time I spend alone inside my head. There aren't that many people who I feel really understand how I feel about things, and in turn I find it hard to understand how others cannot feel as I do. I guess I fantastise a lot, I reminisce a lot too. I have a lot of dreams and I combine them with my real memories, such as that cycling holiday in France, and come up with moving the family there to live in the countryside for a couple of years. My dear husband is a different person to me (thank god) and I guess he keeps me grounded, or keeps me down, depending on how I feel about it on the day. If we were the same type of personality I doubt we would have stayed anywhere or stuck at any one thing for more than a couple of years at a time. Being able to re-read gorgeous books such as these, the memories they revive and the new dreams they inspire, how can you ever put a price on the ongoing pleasures that a good book can give.


KikiMiss said...

A terrific, moving post. I relate more than you can imagine, however, for us - we are the same type of personality so there's a hell of a lot of "dreaming" going on in this house. I think the only thing that keeps me grounded is that A has started school now ;-)

Little Min said...

I'll have to check that book out - I could do with a bit of dreaming and inspiration. In our house I'm the one who'll cook up a plan that may or may not come to fruition. Like you, being in that position can feel like a good thing or not, depending on the day.
Am feeling the drudgery today so thanks for your touch of inspiration!

Tamara said...

We spent a week in the Dordogne when we travelled over to France in 2007. Such an under-rated area. I too have beautiful memories, mine are probably a little clearer than yours. I could imagine living there and living a French life for a little.

Dream on!

Sandy said...

Nothing wrong with being a dreamer. Dreaming is better than reality sometimes. I've been to France two times, and I cherish the memories always. In fact, I dream of being there far too much. I told my husband that when he retires, we are going to sell the house and travel, live in France for 6 months, Spain for 6 months, and the list goes on!!! Of course, with the failing economy, his retirement has shrunk considerably, so we have a loooong ways to retiring. I'll have to read the book.