Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A rainbow of balloons greeted her after school and the cake was as requested, chocolate, chocolate and little more to decorate.

This is the first year Ella's had to go to school on her birthday, it's just worked out this way.  She was anxious as it wouldn't be the same if she had to go to school.  Last night, when her dinner was over and it was time for bed, there were a few tears.  The birthday was so good she didn't want it to end.

My friends were so nice to me at school, nicer than normal.  You and dad spoiled me, my family made time to be with me and everyone spent so much money buying me special things, I just feel wonderful and I wish it never had to end.

9th birthday declared a success xxxx


Sarah said...

Oh that is SO heart warming!


Miss Prudence said...

Oh happy birthday - we have 9th this year too. Aren't they funny thinking things like that! A testimony to how lovely you make their special days