Tuesday, October 02, 2012


My mother stitched these two Holly Hobbie needlepoints for me when I was.... young, over three decades ago.  They hung in my room for many years and then, when I was too grown up for such things, they waited, lurking, in a dark corner of my parents home for a time when a little girl may appear again, interested in such things.

The two pictures have hung together in Ella's room for the past number of years, but recently Ella and Leila had a negotiation which resulted in them having one each in their rooms, with the very clear proviso made by Ella that it's "just for a month".

I'm glad these survived so well.  Mothers know how much these things mean as the years pass, but the young often don't, so as mothers we need to protect and cherish these items for a time when our own young come around to truly appreciating their worth.  I guess there will be a time when I will have to secret these away and perhaps one day my own grandchildren will remember my mother, my childhood and that of their own mothers, through these lovingly stitched works.

Coincidentally I noticed Kate has one of the same on her own wall, I wonder if her own mum stitched it for her?


Kate said...

Oh my goodness!!!!
How wonderful.
Unfortunately I don't know the history of mine.
I found it in an op shop in Melbourne a few years back on the way home from market.
I have often lain awake at night and wondered about the stitcher though.
I love that yours will be heirlooms.
I hope you lot are having a wonderful holiday. xx

Kristi said...

my sister and i had holly hobbie sheets on our beds for years and years. i remember the colours exactly and the feeling of staring at her sweet bonnet.

Sandy said...

So precious! I loved Holly Hobby. I remember being her for Halloween when I was in 1st grade 30+ years ago.