Monday, October 29, 2012


Another lovely sojourn at the house we visited during the early summer, just before school started this year.  We just manage to switch off here, it's everything I imagine owning your own holiday house would be, but without the need to clean gutters and arrange for septic tanks to be emptied.

These snaps were captured by Leila at Venus Bay, not sure what was entertaining us so much, but clearly it hit my funny spot.  I rarely like photos of myself, but I can now look at them and say that clearly, that's me, so what the heck.

See you again in January Rusty Gate.


Jo said...

what a beautiful weekend to slip away!

you'll have to let me know what dates you'll be there in january, chances are we'll only be 15 minutes down the road... we can all catch up for a play. x

Sandy said...


Sarah said...

THese are really lovely photos.

So nice to see you both together looking so comfortable and happy.

Wish we had a place like that...