Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Almost Guilt Free

I am not a chocolate cake person, I may have mentioned that before. I always go for the fruity dessert or the light cake option. I love a good sponge. I know many people who ooooh and ahhhhh over me making sponges, thinking it some magical undertaking. I don't feel too guilty about a generous slice of sponge, assuming of course that the cream is no more than 2" deep! and I've passed this appreciation on to my girls. This is a 2 egg sponge - 2 eggs, 2 once of sugar, 2 once of flour and voila - how easy could it be.


Kiki said...

Cream lover right here! Hey...can you share the recipe or is it a secret?

Anonymous said...

yummy? - yes, but my choice from the dessert smorgasbord would be dense and chocolate or creme brulee.

I still wouldn't say no to your sponge!

Love the lolly bags :)