Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post party blues

Over for another year, which is causing a bit of the blues, but it was declared the best party yet. They all seemed to have fun, they're such a lovely group in her class, and a pool party was a great idea. Leila is now planning her party (her first at 3 years - terrible mother of a second child) in earnest. It's not until January.


Bek said...

Looks like a great party. Hope the blues don't last too long!

Jem has her party all planned too- hers isn't until March. So cute!

Kiki said...

A M A Z I N G cake, you've done it again woman!!! So beautiful, very much like Ella herself. The girls look lovely in their bathing outfits. Had to laugh at Miss L pre-planning and hey, don't worry Miss D hasn't partied solo yet but that is my fault for having them three weeks apart in March. Ummm aaahhh ;)

Jasmine said...

What goes up must come down. I guess.

Anyway, gorgeous cake - again!!

Christelle said...

You made a great cake. I remember the one with the sunflower which was awesome as well!
What a gift!

Sandy said...

Yes, I agree with all the ladies. The cake looks fabulous. I loved Leila's cake last year. What talent you have! Glad all went well and that Ella had another wonderful birthday to look back on.