Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Movie Night

We went old school this week. Does anyone still eat fish and chips from the paper? Whenever we've had them they seem to be in boxes inside paper bags, which is just not the same. I can clearly recall walking home from the Ormond shops with my mum during school holidays, we'd buy some chips and then tear a hole at one end and fish them out. I remember they used to stick to the paper they'd put inside, yum, the thought of that right now is really appealing after salad for lunch!
Thanks for your positive vibes following my last post. I didn't write again after we reassembled our cot and change table for Eastern Relief to collect. There were certainly tears then, stroking furniture remembering the wee babes who'd laid on those two pieces. Real tears! But, I resisted that urge. Tonight is the kinder AGM and enrolment preferences for next year for Leila babe. Time is flying.


Vic @ Punky and Me said...

Heck yeah, we love the old school paper wrapped take-away goodness here! It's rare that we get fish & chips these days, but when we do they are wrapped up nicely in a steaming little bundle... they just taste.... better....!

Anonymous said...

Samll world V! My best friend in the first 2 years of secondary school lived in Queen St, and I had many, many sleepovers in Ormond that included the obligatory Friday night mick dinner of fish and chips!

I've still got pretty much all the baby paraphernalia and can't quite bring myself to sell it or give it away. Even having 3 I don't feel done and think of the possibilities of another little bub, but like you feel the pressure of a significant birthday weighing down on me.

What a lovely gesture to donate.

Cindy said...

On a completely unsentimental note - our local still in paper and delish.
Giving up that last bit of baby is sooo hard, I can understand completely where you are, but our position is more money orientated, is it fair to have another if it is going to put so much pressure on the rest of us. Just as well the 2 I have are keepers!