Wednesday, December 16, 2009


All year Ella has been wanting to take flowers for her teacher. A birthday she missed, a new house that she'd bought, just because. Today at work I realised we only had a few days left when Ella could give them to her as her teacher. So we did. We also have the gift Ella's made and another that we've bought her as a family, they'll go to school tomorrow.

Today though, a gift came home for me, from Miss F. I did literacy each week in Ella's class in terms 1-3, something I really enjoyed and I know Ella did too. It gave me such a deep appreciation for all that one teacher is expected to achieve with a group of 20 children, all with differing personalities, abilities and enthusiasms. So, Miss F sent home a gift for me to thank me for the help I'd given her. The unexpected thoughtfulness is often the most pleasurable.
On that same note, Tamara dropped off a few fabric samples for me today, of fabrics I'd mentioned to her that I liked a lot, from here. Thank you so much, they are gorgeous and again, so unexpected, yet so delightful!

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Tamara said...

Ahh, I see you got them. I had to pick them up for you when I saw them.

Little surprises are wonderful aren't they.