Friday, December 18, 2009


It's the last day of school today, the final day of her first year at school, it's so amazing that this small part of the journey is already over. I must confess to having been unexpectedly teary for the last week, every little thing that comes home from school has triggered a little flurry. It just seems that time is moving so fast, last year we were wary because of all the unknowns about school, now it's just that Ella is growing up so fast.

We've had a wonderful teacher, great classmates with families we respect and whose company we enjoy and most importantly I think, Ella has been so enthusiastic about learning and her journey at school. We are happy that she is with her dear friends next year, but her teacher is unknown so we're hopeful she will be as encouraging and inspiring as Miss F has been.

We're off to school shortly, for a breakup party in the park. Leila has been helping decorate the gingerbread we'll take to share, concentrating so hard on covering every single millimetre in sweet stickiness. From 1:30pm today we're officially on holiday - HOORAY!!!


Kym said...

Hooray! Congratulations on the end of the first year of school. Sounds like it's been a good one.

I love school holidays. Although I know many parents lament their beginning, I'm keen to arrive at the end of our scheduled activities. Then there's the anticipation of christmas day by the smalls, which is incredibly infectious!

Kiki said...

Well, we did it!! The first year is all finished, I hate reading those words. Selfish I know, but..that's how I feel as mine grows up so quickly too.

That is such a brilliant shot of Leila, your new camera is doing a great job with you driving it.

Happy holidays!

PlumStitches said...

it does go by fast! i love those icing squeeze bottles. they look like they're easy for little hands to manage.