Wednesday, December 09, 2009


My dream, the one that I think I could actually make a reality, has been the same for a lot of years. I really feel that it is time to start working towards making it a reality. I have a quiet unspoken timeline in my head, but I think perhaps I need to start speaking it out loud, to make myself accountable to myself.

I started to write down the things that I don't want, but they were all about leaving my current job, so instead I'll change it to those things that I do want.

I want to have my own business, a small cafe. I want a cafe because I love to cook and I would like to cook for an audience wider than my family and friends.
I want a small place local to home where everything is fresh that day. I want you to come in to smells of cakes cooking, soup simmering.
Everything will be made on premises, by me. If your children would like a biscuit it won't be jammed with smarties in a flavourless god awful dough and coated in icing. I will have made biscuits fresh for yours as if they were for mine.
There will be wonderful music on and gorgeous fresh flowers.
There will be a generosity that pervades all aspects of my little corner.
I don't want it to make me rich, this business of mine, just a quiet achiever, something modest I know would make me so proud.
I want to have my girls come after school and help until I close. They could wait tables for an hour, or just sit and do their homework having some afternoon tea.
I'm going to buy a journal, a new one to start a business plan properly, rather than the scraps of paper I now keep. I'm going to aim for the year Leila starts school, 2012 - it sounds a long way off and definitely achievable, perhaps even sooner.
I haven't done this before, if you have, give me your tips, tell me where to start. For now all I have is the dream.


Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful!! You've started it at the best place, writing it down and making it public! I would definitely visit. We need more places like yours around the suburbs. Check out small business victoria website and start by registering a business name. Making sure its available and seeing it in writing will give you a vision of something to aim for. All the best!!

Feronia said...

Sounds like a good plan. I would absolutely come and visit - the food you post on your blog always looks so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me today - I have been feeling a bit goal-less for some time and your post has prompted me to start thinking about what I *do* want rather than all that's not ok.

Sandy said...

Yes, I agree, it sounds so wonderful and so YOU. I hope this precious little cafe of yours does become a reality one day. My family and I will have to come for a visit to try out some of your goodies! Absolutely, you need a good business plan. Good luck!

Leonie Guld said...

How to start.....You have ALREADY started with Pen and paper. Go and buy a fat book with lots of room, don't try to categorize anything yet, just start writing down everything in your head...the lot...what you want and definitely what you don't. Your philosophies and your intentions, then ask your partner and confirm what he wants, what he envisages the BOTH of you doing. Even if he is not there in the cafe, he will be there when you get home, supporting and loving you. Then allow yourself to learn on your do not need to know all the answers before you start, allow yourself to evolve into what you want, give yourself some time to learn and make mistakes. Do your research and keep you'll be fine. Oh...there will be knockers...become very skilled, very quickly at telling them to BUGGER OFF!! Good Luck! x

Bel said...

Thank you for always sharing some honest heartfelt posts and for being an inspiration too. I too would definitely come and visit your little cafe and tryout some of your yummy food and really 2012 isn't that far away :)

All the best and I look forward to reading how things are progressing

Bel x

Pina said...

This is not just a dream, this is a good plan, too. 2012 is after all not so far away and I am looking forward to visit this cafe one day, it sounds already so cozy. Good luck!

Lindsay said...

Good for you Victoria! All the best in making your dream come true. It's exactly what a neighbourhood joint should be and if it were local to me I'd visit every day.

Christelle said...

You have always talked about it so you must give it a go -)
I remember a conversation we had when hanging around dowtown Berkley! Good luck

Anonymous said...

You've made a great start, and you'll get all the moral support you need here from your bloggy friends!

All of the aspirational comments you made in this post will easily develop into a business plan. It's all there, just needs to grow. The best business plans come from the heart, then take on a 'business' format. This has all the makings of a great plan.

Would you consider taking a part-time or casual job at a cafe you like to expose you to the day to day stuff like staffing, supply, banking and things you haven't done before?

I'll be here for you on the journey to 2012 and your own Cafe V!


Lena said...

I know that this has been a dream of yours for years. I guess your cafe won't be ready / open for when we come? Let me know when you have you first opening day... and I will have one of your delicious cakes you always post on your blog. I hope you will make one for me anyway when we will be there in 2 weeks time... can't wait.

Jasmine said...

Please save a table for us! I can envisage it being a gorgeous little space decked out in your good taste.

Good luck with the planning and go V! xx