Monday, December 21, 2009


I tried to get a decent self portrait today. I spent 3+ hours at the hairdressers which led to a disgruntled husband who was waiting to get into the office. What can you do when contained in a chair with colour and scissors upon you, there's not much to do but wait it out. The end result is pleasing, despite the unhappy man in the house, so I thought I'd record it to share. Erin makes it look effortless - the self portrait - but I have nowhere near her skills.

As I was trying, unsuccessfully, to take a photo of my new do, I realised that one of the few areas of my home (perhaps the only one) which is consistently neat and nice to look at, is my hall, which is where I was snapping myself. I could never do cornerS of my home as Ella and others have done, but I do have this one corner to share with you. I'm not sure what it says about me, but I do love a light house (which we have) and I also love my photos and flowers - so perhaps it is a reflection of my taste.

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Kiki said...

Damn! No photo.

I also spent my afternoon at the hairdresser, it's the week for it definitely. However, I was in and out within the hour as it was only a wash,cut & straighten. The big fella has taken over my colours (only one colour obviously) until I go back to having fancy foils or otherwise. Much more cost effective too, I might add. More to spend on shoes now :)