Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I must confess that I like the business of numbering posts. I know it's minimal effort, but it's more satisfying than an unsatisfying title. I always feel I need to be clever, witty or preferably both. Having said that, perhaps there is more pressure on the words within each post if the title is only a number ...

Thank you all for you posts on the giveaway. We chose a shaking device I feel is probably quite apt for this time of year and the winner is .... Bianca!

"Merry Christmas! The girls' gingerbread house is sweet. Mine had freckles for roof tiles too! Not sure what that says about my decorating skills....Congrats on your almost 500th post!Kate is divine, and I think she could be very happy here ;) " Drop me an email Bianca and I'll happily parcel Kate up and send her on her way to you.

We had a lovely seasonal dinner tonight. Homegrown zuchs, sauteed very quickly with garlic, dressed with dill and lemon; a rough version of panzanella - home grown cucumbers, home grown basil, toasted croutons and very ripe tomatoes, although not yet our own. Our tomatoes have just started to blush orange, so hopefully another week and we'll have the first few.

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Bianca said...

Oh oh, that's me! How wonderful, the Smurf will be so thrilled to cuddle Kate.