Saturday, December 12, 2009


We've just got back from dropping the girls at nan and pa's for a sleepover. Geoff and I are out to dinner here with friends tonight, which should be fun.

I have a long list of things I could be doing, but only some of them will be achieved.

1. Reoil the front verandah decking with Danish oil
2. Buy new chairs for the dining room table
3. Finish the woodwork painting in Leila's room and the kitchen
4. Start cutting in the paint in our bedroom
5. Spend a gift voucher from my birthday from here
6. Wrap Christmas presents
7. Buy more Christmas presents
8. Finish sewing a present for my mum
9. Decide if I'm really going to try and make two of these for Christmas (I bought the pattern this morning)
The mincepies are from mum, she bakes them for us every year, at least two dozen. I think perhaps I've made them once, but my mum has great pastry hands, so mine didn't compare.
10. Eat mincepies


Feronia said...

I reckon number 10 is a good option :)

CC said...

It should be pretty easy to spend your birthday voucher at luft (lucky you).

I've been thinking about the Poppy doll as well but time is ticking away...