Sunday, December 20, 2009


There were fingers up noses in some, hands covering the faces of others in others, closed eyes,
double chins, then a few gems mixed in.

Today it feels like holidays are starting. We all had breakfast together and the tone, the mood of the house has altered ever so slightly. Tidying up was put off until tomorrow, Geoff actually took the papers to the front verandah and read to me from an article while the girls played in the yard. I took out this to cut while I listened to him and the girls. I think the girls know Dad's going to be around too, there's just a slight shift, but it's a good one, I hope it last at least, oh, 3 weeks!


Christelle said...

and here in Europe, we are talking of snow, stucked trains under the Channel, soup recipes and risk of electricity breaks! ^^^^
Enjoy your holidays and warm days!

Lindsay said...

Oh lucky you, we're reading our sunday papers all rugged up in front of the log fire it's so freezing in London. And the man in our house isn't on hols until Christmas Eve. I love that holiday shift, it feels so good!

Evie said...

beautiful i hope it last the 3 weeks for you all as well. i loved these times with all the family together and no one in a huge rush when i was a kid. the best times x