Tuesday, December 18, 2012


End of an era today with Leila's last day of kindergarten and now not so many days between us and school.

The day was a success and I got my tears out of the way ahead of time.  She sang so enthusiastically and has grown and gained so much from our lovely little kindergarten.  I had to make a presentation to the teachers at the end and in my short speech I noted that at the start of our kinder journey I thought only of play dough and finger painting.  I never anticipated the impact kinder would have on all our lives.  Friendships formed, new life skills learned and for our children the kinder teachers have been the most influential adults outside of our family and they have learnt so much from them.

Leila leaves kinder a happy, confident and socially able young girl.  Three years back I could not see beyond the next week and now I feel sure that school will be a new challenge that she will excel in.

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