Saturday, December 01, 2012


What a summery sight!  One day's haul from our strawberry patch - plants that sleep over the winter and reappear with a larger family the following spring.  They're softer than commercial strawberries, but the taste is oh so sweet and so much better when warmed by the sun.

Morello cherries - our little tree's first harvest and there are probably as much again.  I think I may put these in a sugar syrup tomorrow and use them in a butter cake or perhaps even splurge and make some danishes.  Can't wait!

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CC said...

Your cherries and strawbs look so good. Do you have any tips for strawberry pest control? We managed to harvest one lonely strawberry this morning. The others have been attacked by slugs and/or other creepy crawlies. I've tried crushed eggshells and a beer trap with only minor success.