Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Another end of year performance, this time for Ella.  "Goodies, Badies and All That Jazz" at the National Theatre for her end of year Broadway Chorus concert.  11:00pm is a very late weekday finish for such a young girl, but she was jumping with adrenalin at the end.  It really is well done and so lovely to see them singing and dancing on a "real" stage.  It also gets them committed for another 12 months of practise!

Congratulatory flowers are de rigeur in our family so peony roses sit on her desk waiting to turn in glorious petal pom poms.  Well done darling, we're always so proud x

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CC said...

Wow, 11pm is a late finish (says she who is in bed by 10pm). The peonies are beautiful.