Friday, November 23, 2012


It's getting tough, the realisation that there are now only 11 more kinder sessions for Leila, EVER!  I know that I've had another year, been lucky enough to have my babe with me for 12 months longer than many, but still, it doesn't seem enough.

With Leila being a January babe she always misses out on celebrating her birthday with her kinder pals.  This year I was organised and as Geoff and I were able to do kinder duty together, before all the Christmas festivities begin, we asked if we could mark Leila's day today.

Friends sang to her, she got to lead activities and then she had selected little treats to share with her friends at the end of the session.

 I know Leila is ready to embark on her school adventure, today also marks a third week of prep transition.  I know she's going to enjoy it, be able to hold her own, learn, thrive and make friends.  I do know all of that, but I will miss her dreadfully.  My emotions are not unique by any stretch, but with no babe at my ankles it's the end of an era, one that I'm not really sure I'm ready to move beyond.  BUT, she's happy, she's ready and I've still got another 60 66 days before I have to walk her in the gate!


Karin - The F Girl said...

Oh boy. I am exactly where you are. In January my little boy will start school. THe last one here too. It creates such mixed feelings. I know he's ready. I know he will love it. I know I probably will have time then for things I haven't had time for in ages. But still. It's bitter-sweet. And secretly I want to hang on to this precious time in which they are so little, inhale their baby scent and hold them as close as possible :-)

I'll think of you. You'll do great xx

Miss Muggins said...

I loved reading this post and seeing the joy in your little ones face. I loved hearing about the excited anticipation of school transition. And as a kinder teacher I loved knowing that you have given her the precious gift of time. I see far too many children rushed through their childhoods and too many parents with expectations beyond the social learning of kinder. They are a long, long time at school! Thankyou

Kiki said...

It still breaks my heart saying goodbye to my youngest each school morning. Some days I know she feels it too, the look in her eyes say it all.

It is so hard when they are ready but we're not. I'm here to listen and share any time.