Wednesday, November 21, 2012


A garden update as we rush towards the last month of the year.  Our sunflowers are now sporting lovely little nests of promises at their heart.  You can see their baby petals resting, gathering strength, waiting for warmer weather before they burst forth.

Our Florence Fennel is super cute, looking just like.... fennel!  They are currently about half the size of the exorbitantly priced baby ones you see in the shops.  The ferny tops are delicious, an initial burst of aniseed followed by a lovely grassy parsley like flavour.

The tomatoes I nursed through some colder weeks are thriving and all carrying set fruit.

Mum and dad lent me a net for the blood plum last week and we covered it straight away.  Last year pesky parrots devoured 10 full bucket loads of their fruit and I am determined they will not get to taste mine!

We lost quite a few of our cherries early on, but it was a crazy amount of fruit for such a young tree.  We probably have about 40 cherries on our morello and from today it too is netted.  We were watching some very plump very red ones and this afternoon noticed they had just disappeared.  Those pesky birds.  I can't blame them for their good taste, but I do refuse to share without being asked first!


Sarah said...

I think I better get some more netting. The birds this year have discovered our apricot tree! The last few days I can see them sitting on the fence eyeing them off. At least they are still green.

DO you know anything about cherries? I have found clusters of leaves at the end of the branch in sticky blakish stuff on them. What is this! never seen it before!

CC said...

Your garden is looking very productive. We are struggling with the possums more than birds at this point. We've netted one apple tree (they stripped it almost bare of leaves but they ar slowly growing back) and are working through a series of (largely ineffective) anti possum tactics. It is very frustrating

Kiki said...

What type of netting are you using? I need to get some as well, the parrots have begun their mission.