Wednesday, November 07, 2012


It's not unusual to say that although my body has aged, my face is now a little lined and not as young as it once was, but my mind, my thoughts inside my head do not appear to have aged much at all.  Today is our wedding anniversary and we don't have a disc full of incredible images capturing the day that I can turn to.  We scrimped on the photos as we were about to move overseas and every penny counted.  We were independent and having lived together for a period of time insisted on paying for the majority of the wedding ourselves, as I feel cohabiting couples should.  We went with a friend of a friend of a friend.  They're poor happy snaps, a good 50% not even in focus - Jo you would be horrified!  The fact that an actual 14 years have passed since that day had me referring back to that tatty cardboard box.

Geoff looks so much younger.  I think he's still a very young looking grown up! but in these snaps he looks sooooo young to me.  I look like me, only different, a lot different I guess, but it's still me.  In my head it's hard to recognise so much time has passed, but it has.

Marriage has been a surprise to me.  It surprises me that it continues to change so much and yet my aspirations for all it should and can be have not changed at all.  I'm a romantic, for sure, and at times I know that my desires and passions overwhelm logic completely and yet I continue to love and continue to expect to be amazed.

I'm not always the easiest person, let alone wife and significant other.  Where Geoff is logical, measured, carefully considerate and rational, he chose a wife who is illogical at times, overly passionate about almost everything, very verbal but not always considerate and emotional over rational.  Despite those differences, or perhaps because of, he's the one.  He's always kept me interested, he always comes home to me, he's the sweetest of men, he could talk a little more ..... but I nearly always fill in the gaps.  I would never be without him and he is always, always my choice.


Julia said...

What a beautiful post. I agree, Geoff looks so young in those photos! You look so happy and youthful. 14 years doesn't seem that long but it is in so many ways. I'm so glad you are happy with your choice. Enjoy your day love birds. x

Jo said...

what a sweet, sweet post... happy anniversary to you both.

... you're right, you do look younger but just the same. these photo's are beautiful! x

Sandy said...

Gorgeous!! Wishing you both a wonderful anniversary.

Lena said...

You both look amazing. To me, you still look the same... maybe a few more lines and grey hairs ;-) Happy Anniversary. Love you lots. L xxx