Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am love, love, loving my new lens.  Geoff got me a 50mm for my birthday after I checked with Jo what I really wanted!  I love it and a morning with Jo on something completely different shamed me with how little I know of my camera, but inspired me to get myself up to speed and has me excited about getting back to basics. The only problem now is that I'm shortsighted and with a completely manual lens realise I really need my glasses on as I just can't tell what's in and out.  Next thing I need a class on tinkering with the colour to get it juuuuust right.


Catherine said...

I love love my 50mm lens, it's my favourite lens to use. Have fun using yours and getting to know your camera. xx

TAMARA - Thermomix Consultant said...

Hi Victoria,

I think there is a function on your camera that can accomodate short sightedness. I remember them showing me at Kirk's cameras. Google it maybe. I love my 50mm lens. It is my default, especially for food photography (which seems to be all I do these days!) Tx

Sandy said...

Very nice!