Saturday, November 17, 2012


Both the girls have posed smiles.  They're gorgeous smiles, but they're not their absolutely heartbreaking spontaneous smiles.  This image is fiddled with, it's a true Leila smile, one we get to see often, but don't capture on film as much so I wasn't in focus and didn't have my glasses to hand!

Today was a significant day, Leila's first dance concert and it was a HUGE success. She was definitely one of the happiest children on stage, smiling throughout, beaming actually.  It may have helped that her family and both sets of grandparents were beaming back very clearly from the second row!  Her mother yelling her name when she finished ...!

Leila looks like a dancer to me.  She's very tall and lean, seems to hold herself in a certain way that I don't and just looks graceful, it's lovely to watch.  Knowing how little she liked attention for so long, or fuss, it's amazing to see how she's grown.  We're all so proud.


Karin - The F Girl said...

I love this shot, she is beaming from the screen!

Isn't it amazing to watch the little ones grow and see them develop into their own amazing persons? I am in awe every day again :-)

Jo said...

just stunning V... that manual focus is really suiting you I think. x

Melissa said...

Fabulous smile!