Saturday, December 29, 2012


Years ago mum and I used to draw together.  We'd sit at the table in their kitchen in Beechworth and draw and paint in water colours still lifes of various flowers, fruits and vegetables from the garden.  Ella and I now like to do the same, although find it fun to draw packaging.  It's so interesting to note the difference in interpretations.  Never a case of who does the better job (although I always prefer Ella's work) but just so fun to see how we manage to recreate different versions of the same things.


Susan said...

seriously love these. Ella's drawings are amazing (and yours too of course!!) What a fun thing to do together.

Sarah said...

I dont know why Vic but I can see these on a Tshirt. They just rock - totally appeal to me - and I don't know why!

Sandy said...

Very nice! This is a wonderful activity to do together.