Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You can't continue having children just so your own children have the chance to be an older sibling, but there are times when I get pangs for Leila, being the youngest.  She is such a nurturing, loving child, so quick to help and so much a little mother, she would have adored being a big sister.

We "borrowed" a dear friend's youngest for a few hours today and gosh did Leila love being the big sister.  She pushed the stroller, helped her in the park, dressed her up and instructed her in all sorts of activities.  Luckily little I is a patient child and endured the loving with such a lovely nature.

For many reasons it would be easily to continue on in this phase of my life, mother to young children, but you can't stay in the same place forever, you have no choice but to move forward and grow along with it.  I did enjoy being in control of a stroller again though, that time, those moments, it surprised me.  Thank you J, for sharing xx

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Julia said...

Thank YOU for being my last minute babysitter! Isy had a lovely time. x