Thursday, December 20, 2012


Each Chrirstmas we make calendars for the upcoming year for ourselves and the grandparents.  For the grandparents the girls take turns to decorate different months but also mix in some photos.  For ours I keep it to photos, as I love turning the page and being reminded of past moments sometimes over a year later and reliving them for a month at a time.

I found it very hard to decide so ended up selecting 37 images for a required 18!  Is this what it's like being a professional photographer, trying to choose your best shot!  Not quite, but I can imagine.  I just love seeing them all laid out on the kitchen table, a year in our lives.  That's why I maintain this blog and enjoy contributing, for us in the years to come, but it's even more vivid seeing all the images together.  It makes me feel both happy and lucky.


Christie said...

Lovely shots & lovely memories x

Sandy said...

What a fantastic idea! Lovely photos. Happy Holidays!