Monday, February 16, 2009

Sugar Sweet

Lovely post today, some patterns for cooler weather sewing from these girls, ones I've been wanting to buy for ages. The patterns are gorgeous to look at, beautiful presentation, I only hope I can do justice to the design when the time comes.

Any tips on where I can get nice chenille for the lining and also pretty shades of wool? I've never sewn with wool, but think it would be a good choice. Drop me a line if you know of anywhere, in Melbourne.


KikiMiss said...

Hey, they look lovely and I'm sure you will make them just perfect. Just like your gorgeous dolls that I've never made a comment on but have been meaning to for ages now.

I don't know of any physical stores other than the biggies in Melbourne but how about this online store from Brisbane

Kym said...

Good luck with the patterns!

I'm not much help with the wool, as I've only used it once. I was going to try making nice wool coats for this winter too. My two pieces came from Ebay and the op shop. Sorry I can't be more help than that.

Christie said...

I was in this shop the other day & they sold new & vintage chenille & it was cheaper than spotlight

for wool maybe clegs... it used to be chaeper to buy from the states but that was before the aussie dollar dive bombed!

love to hear how the patterns go, I almost bought the coat one but got some japanese sewing books instead!!

Christie said...

oh & 'jobs warehouse' in melbourne for wool, not cheap but great quality

Angie said...

Ohh, I ordered the village frock & the servant dress patterns a while back, I'm about to have a go at the servant dress this weekend. Looking forward to seeing your results!