Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So it begins

There is a similar photo of me skipping to school at the same age. We would walk with two brothers my age, Tony and George, whose parents owned the fruit shop.

The day went really well for everyone - thanks for being so supportive, my meltdown was limited to Sunday night - out of my system and no tears on the day, not from anyone (parent or child) so far as I could see.

We didn't press too hard last night but there was singing class, they will go swimming with school, she had her first homework and a general high level of enthusiasm. She didn't crash last night, in fact she was so full of beans she found it hard to sleep. Today, just as happy to go, up at 6:30. It feels much better, already, I think this is going to be fun, for all of us.


Prue said...

I'm so glad it went so well! We don't get much information of what happens from day to day, so I am learning to ask very specific questions. "What was the story today?" "Did you sing any songs?" It eventually gets coaxed out!

Kellie H said...

oh look at that photo...so sweet! My oldest, Bryce, started kindergarten this past fall & I still don't know what happens at school...& I am a teacher there~ ha! lovely blog...will be back!

Jodie said...

So glad to hear that you both had a good day. The response to most of my questions is "I can't remember". Gorgeous photo.

Sandy said...

Does she wear a uniform? The hats are really cute. We don't wear uniforms here. It'll get easier day by day, but keep the Kleenex close!