Sunday, February 01, 2009

PS, I lied

I am completely overwhelmed.

Family dinner out with a special card and starting school of a watch, so she knows we'll be thinking of her every single minute.

I miss her already and she hasn't even gone. I feel a tearing in my chest that is completely illogical and really pissing me off!


KikiMiss said...

Oh God, I didn't see this 'til now. What have you planned for tomorrow...I hope you and L have a full day.

The watch is a fantastic idea.

beemade said...

In our country mostly everybody put their children at the age of 3 at school(obligatory at 6)...but the most comun is left them in the kindergarden at 6 month...ufff!!Terrible for us..Alberta is still with us..she is 2 and 4 month and when we went out in the morning...we can´t find children in the street..she is asking for the school(children??) and we dont want!!I am in a strange moment wit this fact..Changes always disturb..good luck and lots of love!!!

Kym said...

I guess your big girl is at school now! Hopefully you're feeling a lot better after the hard job of leaving her there. Although I can't sympathise yet, I'm sure you're not the only distraught mother at the school gate.

Sarah said...

How did today go after all?

I does get easier and suddenly you will enjoy this new chapter : o )

Little Min said...

How'd she go? How did YOU go?

I nearly died of cuteness doing the kinder thing. Hope all went well with you.

Pina said...

Oh, but she will have new stories to share with you and this is what you should look forward to.
In the meantime it is better to enjoy your time with Leila, in a few years she will leave "the nest" as well. :)

I see that I am not the only one being curious how it went today... ;)