Sunday, February 15, 2009


We took the girls camping this weekend, for the first time. It was great fun, but not a complete success, we can improve next time.

The area was gorgeous, Flinders is the perfect seaside town - I could imagine myself living there full time, or at least weekending in a VERY tiny beach shack (it's an expensive area). The caravan park though, was just that. Generally there is a division between the areas where you camp and caravan, at this one however, we were shown our spot and it looked like a carpark beside a caravan - not exactly what we'd imagined, however .... it was very, retro, or dated, depending on your mood.

We had borrowed equipment from Geoff's sister, but didn't have a few things we really needed, like a table! Also, the girls are mummy's girls and both wanted to sleep with me, but that meant that with not enough air in the air mattress and me in the middle, they were on top of me. Once asleep, them that is, not me, I moved sideways and tried to sleep that way, not so successfully (Dad was asleep on the single mattress!).

Next we're going to try Point Leo, which isn't far from Flinders and is exactly what we'd expected this weekend. We scoped it out - it's just like a beachside park, all grassed and trees, much nicer.

We found time to have dinner at the Flinders Hotel, breakfast at a nice cafe in town one morning, a visit to Ashcombe Maze and a swim at Shoreham.

Having said that we did have a lovely time and do want to go again.

PS I'd forgotten how dirty your nails get when you're camping
PSS Sandy, I forgot to take the pancake moulds! I did use them during the week though and they work perfectly!

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Sandy said...

So glad you had a lovely time!