Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I cut out this dress so long ago that I can't actually remember if it was intended as a dress for Leila or a top for Ella, the measurements for those two things not being dissimilar to each other. Very cheery and so easy from this book.
I have the sewing bug on me, this time for myself. I have mentioned before that I find it hard to find clothes that I like, but no trouble finding materials that I love, so why not just combine the two. I now realise that you don't have to have seamstress skills to create nice, flattering pieces, you just have to be realistic about your limitations.

Yesterday I was looking at Jenny's clothes which I love, but I don't have her slender physique. That in turn led me to her friend Elly's flickr account. I love all the pieces she's made and shown in her "Creations" folder and the great thing is that she's listed a lot of the pattern numbers against the photos, so she's done some leg work for me.
Today at Leila's music class one of the mum's was weather a short sleeved skirt, without collar, long, about mid way between thigh and knee, with a slight aline and tie backs. It was in a light cotton, white with a really cherry red leaf pattern. She teamed it with some narrow white pants and she looked great. None of it is hard to put together, so something like that is also on the list.
I LOVE this material and thought about an aline skirt, but how am I sure to match up the pattern, with aline the side are angled and I wonder if it would be skewed - left to right and top to bottom. Might have to ask mum about this one....


mrs boo radley said...

I can't get over her blonde hair, especially given that her sister's is so dark!

Just like my sister and me.

Lovely dress...or top...whatever it is, it's cute!

Tamara said...

I have a lovely a-line skirt pattern you can borrow. I would love to sew more of my own clothes too. Time is a big factor though!

The dress is Beautiful!

Kiki said...

What a sweet dress and cutey pie model.

Gorgeous fabric, all of them in that seller's shop actually. I'm just jealous I can't sew and cannot offer any advice. Leaving now............bye bye.

Pina said...

I know this pattern on Leila's dress! :) I love it! The dress looks wonderful, I wish we would look that cute when we grow up. Well, some do, and lucky those! :)

Sandy said...

Very nice! I haven't sewn in a long time, which I am really regretting. One can't get better without practice...Hopefully, I get motivated again.