Monday, February 09, 2009

On Alert

My parents live in Healesville, which is only 40 minutes door to door from our house to theirs. Tonight they are on high alert of fires within about 10 minutes from their house. The danger is apparently low at this time, so they're at home prepared with papers, clothes and essentials packed in the car. The house has towels and buckets at doors and windows, mops and brooms at the ready, water filled in buckets, watering cans, sinks.

When you stand on their back verandah you can see a mountain to the left and to the right and they are both glowing red. Mum said that on Saturday you could actually see the flames but tonight they're just glowing red. The names you're reading in the papers, the places that have been so affected, Kinglake, St Andrews, Dixons Creek, Chum Creek, Toolangi, Narbethong, you can see on this map, they're close. Yet the idea of Healesville burning seems as unlikely as Blackburn burning, completely impossible.

I wanted them to come and stay here tonight, but they don't sound worried, so I won't be either.


Sandy said...

The Australian fires are on today's front page of the LA Times. I can't believe how horrible it is! It's being called a "mass murder." I hope your parents remain safe, but they should leave if there is any sign of danger! Fires move fast! We live in a fire prone area and we've been close to several wildfires, but we have never been evacuated yet. You are in my thoughts.

Prue said...

Glad you're safe, and hope your parents stay fine too.

Cindy said...

Hi Victoria,
I am trying to get hand made crafters to come together and get some listings on Ebay with sales going to fire appeal. Find out more info

Jacoline (Lien) said...

It is horrible. you must be so scarred. Hope everybody is safe.
I've tagged you, have a look on my blog. Have a good day.

Emily said...

My thoughts are with you all at this really hard time. Stay safe.

h&b said...

"Yet the idea of Healesville burning seems as unlikely as Blackburn burning, completely impossible."

Exactly !!

I used to work in Blackburn, and yes, it's leafy and bushy, but it *is* also Melbourne. Suburbia.

But then, the fires around the Eastern Freeway took me by surprise too :(