Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's hot, so I sew

Of course I do, I mean what else would you do in 46C weather. 46C, honestly. When I went outside to take these photos it felt like I was inside a hand dryer, it is ridiculously hot. Couldn't get Ella to model this top, but it's one of the easiest ever and so pretty on.

There are fires raging around the state and can you believe many of them are deliberately lit? I cannot get my head around that. The fires generally start in remote areas, small townships surrounded by National Parks, places where everyone knows each other. Why would you do something like that?

I can remember Ash Wednesday vividly and we were safe from it. I was out in the garden with my mum and honestly it suddenly seemed as if the fire were upon us, despite the nearest one being about 50kms away. The wind was so strong that we could hear the fire as if we were in it and there was smoke and ash in the air. It was terrifying. I can only imagine how it would be to be facing the fire front.
There should be a cool change come through in about an hour, apparently it's going to drop 15 degrees very quickly, we'll see.
PS We've also watched Space Chimps and Wall-e on dvd. Of course if it had been mine and Geoff's selection it would have been The Wire final series and True Blood, not really child friendly selections.


Kirsty said...

I remember that day so was had a similar spookiness to it.

Sarah said...

That shirt is just beautiful. Hope the cool change has come.

Jacoline (Lien) said...

Your sewing is great again. Hope you will have some fresh air soon.

Christelle said...

I saw a report on TV about the heat... Gosh I hope it is getting cooler by now.

KikiMiss said...

We spent the night in Noosa with the coolest coastal breeze. It's as if the entire country is trying to tell us something. Floods in the north, extreme heat and bushfires to the south. Horrible. As I watched the evening news and heard it was 32deg by 9am I just wanted a giant air-con unit to hover over the top of all of you.

Hope it was better today? I didn't catch the news tonight.

Pina said...

I admire you for being so creative in such a heat. I remember that I couldn't do one thing when it was hot.
Besides you make such beauties, I wouldn't mind wearing one like that myself (or would I look to ridiculous in it?) :)