Sunday, June 01, 2008


This is a post about what a lovely breakfast we had out with my parents this morning, although from the photographs you may think they were taken inside a friend's home. The Firehouse is in an old firehouse, the body of the restaurant housed in the area where the engines lived, but with a myriad of other little rooms furnished with leather couches, lovely artwork and nooks just begging for glasses of yummy red. Breakfast was delicious, relaxed, great service - so nice to finally find somewhere in our area that's worth going out to. We have great casual restaurants around us, the next suburb over is an Asian area full of amazing super affordable restaurants, but cafes are in short supply. Those of you who know me know that the dream is for me to have a cafe of my own, and here close to home it's just crying out for one. Time's not quite right for me yet, but hopefully once both girls are at school it may well be.

I loved the linocuts on the walls from an artist called Kate Hudson. Sadly the ones on display were out of my price bracket at $695 each, but I will certainly keep my eyes open for more of her work. I did a search on her but couldn't find her own website, just a couple of listings on gallery sites, so may have to go back for coffee and cake in order to find out more!


Tamara said...

That place is so good. I am off there on Thursday for lunch with girlfriends. Its about time we get something of that standard out our way. I was holding high hopes to the chocolate shop near kinder. Its good - if you want hot chocolate. We love a good breakfast on the weekends.
gorgeous prints.

Pina said...

I suppose it is lots of work with such print. I am sure that if you wish enough to have it, it will eventually find the way to your home. :)