Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sick of Sickness

I know it's not just our house but oh lordy, when will the bugs leave! Life is so dull right now - we're cancelling all our activities left right and centre. I think out of a term of 12 lessons so far we've made 3 swimming classes and they're not free you know. We've had to cancel play dates, we've had the tears that result from that. We've spent copious amounts of money on aloe vera tissues and we're all fed up with the same four walls. For the last week now Ella's had an ear infection and Leila conjunctivitis. I've been sick, Geoff's still sick and now my parents are down with it again.

Today I think we'll just have to brave the cooler weather with scarves, hats, more of those tissues I mentioned at hand and just refresh our perspective.

I have managed some craftiness however and have dolls to go into the shop today or tomorrow. I've had to put my prices up. However much I love making these dolls, they're a steal for the amount of work and materials that go into them. Although I wouldn't want anyone to feel sorry for me, it's not about that, I just have to have their value reflected a little more in the price and even now I feel $57.50 for what they are is cheap. I also compare to other like type items and it confirms that I they should be priced much higher. For now though, I'll just allow this rise to cover the lack of gain on currency exchanges now (good time for a US trip) and the increases in just about everything else. Aren't they cute though, I think they just keep getting better.


Tyler and Chloe's Mommy said...

You're absolutely right that they should be priced more. I've recently seen dolls priced over $100.00. Will always be a big fan no matter how much they cost! The new dolls are so exquisite.

Sorry for the illnesses. My daughter and husband both just got colds. Hopefully, my son and I won't catch the bug.

vlijtig said...

I hope you all will feel better soon. Give it a week and the sun is probably shining again (figuratively speaking). Love you dolls!

Tamara said...

They are so delightful Victoria. I love the fabric in their dresses and their rosy cheeks.

Hope you are all feeling better soon. Today was a gorgeous day to get outside.

paperseed.wordpress.com said...

Those dolls are super-cute! Good work.