Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bushland so close

There are a couple of blogs I read that are from people based in New England, US and on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver. Now these are parts of the world I have been lucky enough to visit and which count amongst my favourites, so perhaps my judgement is coloured. It does, however, seem as if they have so many natural riches at their fingertips. Farming land so close, gorgeous woods and streams to explore, seeming wilderness around every turn. I do forget that we too have riches so close to us.

In trying to shake the funk that has descended on our house we got our picnic together and head to Westerfolds Park for a couple of what turned out to be, glorious hours. My shots are poor, I admit, my girls are firstly too fast for me to capture and I have a very sad very compact camera which has few tricks and a poor operator.

You'll also notice from the photos, we didn't have to share with many others - ours was the only one in that carpark.

Ella has been feeling the loss of companionship with friends since our confinement and today we met two separate groups of lovely boys her age which she played with so happily for the hours we were there. Is it just my daughter who always asks her new "friends" over for a sleepover?

Perfect afternoon, so worth dragging ourselves out, you rarely feel worse after a good dose of fresh air and sunshine.

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Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Hi There,

I just found your blog via Loobylu, and was having a little browse.

As soon as I saw the photo's on this post, before I even got to the text, I knew where this was - Westerfolds. I grew up going here since I was little, and take my three kids to this playground all the time. This park is one of my favourite places, and Hubby and I even had our engagement party in another part of the park, many years ago.

Anyway, just felt compelled to say hi, and share the love of Westerfolds. By the Way, did you know that there is another bush park on the otherside of Fitzsimmonds La that you can walk through (along the Yarra - the parks join under the bridge) where you can see lots more wildlife - no dogs allowed. I have seen Koalas, Echidnas, Kangeroo and Platypus down there