Monday, June 02, 2008

I was ALMOST without speech

While I was bathing the girls last night the phone rang, I didn't hear it above the tears that were a child's minor accident. Geoff came and told me that a particular woman who I had met last year through a shared activity had called. I hadn't had contact with her for about 8 months or so and couldn't imagine what she could be calling about. I stress that it was a very casual, hello how are you, acquaintance. She had told Geoff she'd call back at 7:30.

I answered the phone next time around and it was this same lady. She briefly asked how I was and then started what I found a most unusual conversation, it went something like this.

"Your husband's caled Geoff isn't he?"
"Could I talk to him?"
"I'm sorry, do you know my husband?"
"No, but I'd like to talk to him. Is that okay?"
"Well actually no, he doesn't know you so I can't imagine what you'd want to talk to him about but you can talk to me."

Can you imagine what it was that she said next?


Anna said...

Very odd!

Tyler and Chloe's Mommy said...

Very unnerving. I hope she never calls again or you'll have to change your number!

Pina said...

I hope she hung up and will never call again?

Rach said...

Hello there. I am visitng from 'Along Griffin Creek' and I have seen you at some other blogs I visit. What did she say? Or can I guess? Is she crazy?

Lindsay said...

No I can't even begin to guess! What did she say??? Sounds very unnerving!