Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About me

What was I doing 10 years ago? I was living in Melbourne in a one bed flat in Clifton Hill with my fiance at that time. We were planning our wedding for November 7th as well as our move overseas 10 days later. We were distracted and very excited.

What are/were 5 things on my list for today? 1. Take some work clothes to the drycleaners (which I failed to do). I'm terrible at taking in drycleaning, returning dvd's and posting letters. 2. Plant some new grasses to replace a couple that had died and a plant that was previously stolen. (TICK). 3. Out of bread, bake two loaves. (TICK). 4. Washing - is there ever an end to it? Washed and dried 3 loads - it was winding in Melbourne today. 5. Start work on a PIF exchange that I have been meaning to get to. Trying something new for me, I hope it turns out well - if it does, I'll share the results.

What are 5 snacks I enjoy? 1. Raw carrots dipped in a jar of Best Foods mayo. 2. Freshly baked bread with butter 3. Salted pistachios 4. Popcorn with a little salt 5. Pickled cocktail onions.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire? 1. Travel 2. Travel 3. Be with my girls and geoff every single day 4. Build a green house with wide eaves, grey water systems, huge water tanks, solar panels everywhere, recycled materials. 5. My own business - the small perfect welcoming cafe I've always dreamed of.

Places I have lived? 1. Lancashire, England 2. Maryborough, Queensland. 3. Melbourne, Victoria 4. Alberta, Canada (Kananaskis & Drumheller) 5. London, England

Jobs I have had? 1. McDonalds cashier 2. "Girl Friday" for a Real Estate Agent 3. Admin Assistant at a PR firm 4. PA 5. Analyst at an Investment Bank

3 habits? 1. Picking the skin around my nails - gross habit. 2. Two coffees before 10. 3. Filling the kitchen bin too full before emptying it.

What's the latest news/goals for your business or efforts nearest and dearest to you? try harder to be a good and patient mother. I'm trying harder to listen more and react less and it is working. Balance, balance, balance. I'm slowing getting there. For my little 13mimosa business - I'd like to be more regular in what I manage to produce, but I'm enjoying it, so it will come when it comes.

I'd love to hear from Pina, Lindsay and Anna - if they have time to play?


leslie said...

i'm not sure what girl friday is. but i would like to try that out. and drumheller? those hoodoos. and dinosaurs. how did you survive? calgary is my old stomping ground.

Pina said...

Huh, this one will be a hard one but I will think about it and give it a try. But I know it will be fun!

I would also like to know what Girl Friday is.